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A wide range of qualitative and quantitative services... executed on a global scale.
Don't expect an off-the-shelf product or templated solution. Every client and every business issue is unique and deserves a customized research solution.
In-Depth Interviews


In-depth interviews (with patients, nurses, physicians, department directors, hospital executives, etc.) yield detailed and un-biased qualitative feedback.  


All interviews, whether conducted in-person or on the telephone, are based on a discussion guide approved by the client, but our moderators are highly experienced and know when to probe or go off-script to uncover unexpected insights.

In-Person Focus Groups


Focus groups enable a deep exploration of a topic or idea through a guided discussion with a group of participants. The best focus groups are guided lightly by an experienced moderator, with most of the discussion happening among the participants.


Focus groups are a great way to explore new product or service concepts, evaluate the impact of new ads or marketing programs, or truly understanding customer perceptions of a brand or market.

Webcam Focus Groups


Webcam focus groups are a cost-effective approach to conducting focus groups, and are especially appropriate when timelines are tight and/or participants are geogophraphically disbursed.


Throughout the discussion, participants can see each other as well as the moderator, as all are using webcams. Also, client observers are able to see the participants and the moderator and can also provide real-time feedback and suggestions to the moderator through the webcam focus group interface.


In addition, the moderator has a variety of tools that can be employed to introduce concepts, data, images, videos, and creative exercises.

Internet Surveys

Internet surveys are a quick and relatively inexpensive method of capturing quantitative data from a range of different respondent types.


4C uses industry-leading survey programming software that enables the most sophisticated question and response functionality, concept and video display, complex quotas and segmentation, and real-time reporting.

Conjoint Analysis

Conjoint or trade-off analysis is used to quantitatively measure customer preference for specific features or packages of features. Rather than directly asking customers what they prefer in a product or service, conjoint instead employs the more realistic exercise of choosing between different potential product profiles.


Conjoint is one of the most widely used methodologies for prioritizing feature / product development, assessing the impact of price on demand for products and services, and forecasting likely uptake and use of a product if brought to the market.

Online Bulletin Boards

Online bulletin boards provide a private online forum in which participants and the moderator are able to share their experiences, perceptions, and ideas. Participants are invited to log-in to answer the moderator's questions and to respond to the comments left by other participants.


Online bulletin boards combine the interactive advantages of focus groups or face-to-face IDIs with the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of online interviewing. Clients are also able to log in at any time to view the online discussion and to make recommendations for the moderator for follow up questions or probes.

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